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Forthcoming Branch Events

Our Fun Home Pet Show is now on 1st to 13th June 2020!


Could your pet be the best in all the land? We’re calling every pet be they scaly, fluffy, leggy or slimy to show off their best side!

From 1st to 13th June, enter any of the groups below. We’ll pick our favourite and then the best will go through to the National Finals, to be crowned top in the country as part of the Virtual One Fun Day on 14th June!

Classes of entry:
1. Best Rescue - The embodiment of why we #adoptdontshop

2. Sleeping beauty - Either the picture of serenity, or having an amazing dream, all animals having their beauty sleep

3. Best friends (2 or more animals) - Are your pets inseparable? Identical twins or the original odd couple? Two or more together to show love knows know bounds.

4. Golden Oldie - Your much loved, mature animal friend in their autumn years

5. Best baby - Here's looking at you, kid. Your best, bonnie baby

6. Amazing transformations - Just look at you now! What you can achieve together with patience, hard work, love and dedication.

7. Perfectly Imperfect - Why we never judge a book by it's cover!

8. Peas in a pod - Pets that look most like their owners

9. Joie de Vivre - Animals loving life and not afraid to show it

10. Best Companion - Celebrating the special bond between animals and their human friends

11. And finally, humans can join in the fun too with an Art Class! Any animal related drawing can be entered, with a separate winner in the under 10s, 10-15, and 16+

How to enter:
Entries are open 8am 1st June 2020 until 9pm 13th June 2020. Please let us know which class you are entering with each photo.
You can send them in by:
Email: stephanie@rspca-altrincham.org.uk
Facebook message: https://www.facebook.com/altrinchamrspca/

We’re asking for a donation of £2 per entry, please send a screenshot of your donation along with your photos.
You can donate through the Just Giving Page:

This is part of the Virtual One Fun Day which is a day full of activity on Sunday 14th June. The National Winners will be announced in the afternoon by the National RSPCA.
*There is no charge for entering the animal art, your time is more than enough!


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